Someone told me recently that they’d done something in their marriage they weren’t proud of (they’re not alone there).

They asked me this question:  If you ever lose trust in your marriage, can you get it back?

Well, I believe you can. I’ve seen it happen. But It takes courage and above all … becoming vulnerable.

What is trust?

Trust is often an illusion, even when we think we have it … because things can change in a heartbeat.

People can show sides of themselves we didn’t know were there (but they WERE there all along).

Or sides of OURSELVES appear we didn’t know were there.

This can destroy our entire image of ourselves or the other.

Trust is a leap into the darkness.

But it’s important to acknowledge where you are with trust. You trust when you trust … and you don’t when you don’t … and that’s just a part of life.

I think the real question is: Can I become so inwardly strong and secure in myself, so trusting in myself and who I am … that nothing can shake me?

One sure fire way to develop trust in yourself is to be your word. Make a commitment to honour the things you say. The more often you say you’re going to do something and then you actually follow through with it … the deeper and stronger your self-trust becomes.

Start small; for example, decide on a time that you’ll go to bed … and then actually go to bed at that time. This might seem insignificant but the ability to decide on something and see it through in the little things, translates into self-trust that becomes important in the “big” things.

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