Video 1

In this first video, we talk about how to deal with the shock caused by this kind of situation. 

I also discuss how to keep hope alive because in my experience it’s not over till it’s over (even if it feels like it is already).

Video 2

After the shock subsides you may begin to feel a lot of emotional pain.  

At this point it’s vital that we find ways of working through the pain. This isn’t the time to be making any big decisions or for panic. 

It may not feel like it…but you have time (much more than you think). 

Video 3

How to avoid arguments and fights and take back some control of your own emotions (and your life). 

They may not be doing it on purpose but your partner has control of the situation and of your emotional life ... just by virtue of their decision to leave. 

Find out the simple steps you can take ...

Video 4

Tips on how to avoid depression and low motivation. 

Maintaining boundaries  is vital and you may need high quality support from a relationship expert, therapist or counsellor (not necessarily me).