I'm an Aussie, from the mountains of Victoria - a relationship coach, husband & dad.

I work in a holistic way ... but it’s not airy fairy ... it’s down to earth, practical and functional. It’s about balancing the spiritual with the earthly.

Here’s why I choose to work on relationships: A relationship between two people is the smallest community. When peace and harmony can flow between two people who were previously in pain, this has massive benefits for children, wider family, friendship groups, work colleagues and ultimately the whole community through the couple’s daily interactions. Ultimately it has a profound effect on our whole society.

War begins at home. So does peace.

I've worked for many years in the personal and spiritual development world as a therapists' coach, adult creativity facilitator, singer/songwriter and music educator.

And I've spent the last 20 years studying spirituality, training at specialist events & undertaking a 4 year training in mystical spirituality & human relations at a seminary in Germany. I now live with my wife and 2 children in Devon, England.